Saturday, January 1, 2011

Timeless Truth Meditation

Credit: Guru Nanak, George Couttolenc

Thanks to George Couttolenc from Mexico for composing and playing the beautiful music!

"Satnaam" literally means "True Name" and refers to God, the one who's identity remains true always. It was used as a mantra by several saints in India including: Bhagat Kabir, Guru Nanak, Guru Ramdaas, and Bhai Gurdaas.

Although the idea of "One Truth" is inscribed in one of the mankind's oldest scriptures (Rig Veda 1.164.46, 1500BC), the beautiful couplet I am singing comes from Guru Nanak (around 1600AD):
"Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach
Hai Bhi Sach, Hosi Bhi Sach"
The rough meaning is
In The Primal Beginning True,
Throughout The Ages True,
Here And Now True,
O Nanak, Forever And Ever True.
From Beginning's Dawn True
to whichever Age True
In Today's Morn True
And Forever Will be True"


Rising with the sun
What was true
Will be at sunset
Still golden truth

Its Summer's warmth
Grey winter's dew
Autumn's red fall
And Spring's life too

Like hours pass
So Seasons do
Grey has a range
But Truth stays true

So In this new year
Last year's white truth
Like bygone millennia
will again ring true

Its reign will sustain
With it's royal blue
For ages and eons
Forever true

So Hold still my dear
As Vapor Flows through
You too will Be clear
In a moment or two

Why shy away from
Truth's boldness due,
And Why seek outside
For what's inside true?


Jan 26, 2011
To passify loved ones of a departed soul I made a longer version of "Timeless Truth Meditation." Its a simple 5x version of the original song. Satnaam! Satnaam! Satnaam! Satnaam! Here it is: